The Student Sustainability Day

 – a successful inspiration event at the University of Gothenburg

text by: Moa Persson

Carolina Klüft giving an inspiring lectureThe 21st of November the Student Sustainability Day was arranged for the ninth time at the University of Gothenburg. The day aims to inspire and encourage students at the university to do more active and sustainable choices in their education and everyday life. This is done by offering an afternoon full of inspiring lectures, a large exhibition and for example, a bicycle fix.

Carolina Klüft giving an inspiring lecture.

This year the grand finale of the day was a cloth swapping party where over 300 clothes found a new owner!Cloth swapping


At the day, one of the student organizations also offset their campaign for Meat Free Mondays at the university. Many top universities around the world have already joined this movement; surely it is about time for the University of Gothenburg to also sign up!

To inspire their fellow students, the student organization launched a challenge: eat vegetarian food for 4 Mondays in a row starting from the 25th of November. Then put up a picture and recipe of your food on Facebook, and get the chance to win three great prizes donated by shops and restaurants offering ecological and vegetarian food.

More information on the Student Sustainability Day:

Gothenburg students for Meatfree mondays

The Facebook-site of Gothenburg students for Meat free Monday:

The programme of the day:

Programme for the day

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