Open call!

Interested in sharing your experiences or thoughts about sustainability?

We are happy to invite You all to contribute to the NSCN Blog!

What does this open call mean?

For the following 2 years there is an opportunity for all the members of NSCN to write a short story on your university’s present activities, best practices, courses, innovations or events related to sustainable development. These open calls will take place in the beginning of every semester (except for this one), and there is always a specific theme to deal with.

Who does it concern?

You are able to contribute if you have something to do with Nordic universities’ sustainability. Every contribution is welcomed – students, staff members, professors, researchers or even stakeholders influencing universities’ sustainability. If you are uncertain about your eligibility, NSCN coordinator is happy to answer your questions!

How and when to proceed?

If you feel you have good experiences or activities to share concerning the semester’s theme, write your story shortly and send it to NSCN coordinator by 30.4.2014. The core group of NSCN will then choose the most appropriate texts, which will be published in the NSCN webpages in the following months.

The theme

The theme of spring 2014 is Student participation related to sustainable university. You can write a student’s view, a description on a participatory case, an overview of how your university implements student participation, or whatever comes into your mind related to the theme. This open call is encouraged to be distributed also to universities’ student organizations willing to offer their view on the subject!

Welcome to the interactive NSCN Blog!

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