Status of the Nordic Rio+20 survey: 2 weeks and 19 responses

The survey on the sustainability performance, steering mechanisms, barriers and drivers has been open for two weeks. We have gained 19 responses, but targeting at much more: there are over 60 higher education institutions in the Nordic countries, so if at least one person from each university would afford to answer, we would gain more than 60 responses, and a representative picture on the recent sustainability performance in the Nordic HEIs. In addition, we would hear the voice of Nordic university staff on how sustainable development should be steered, and what are the most important drivers and barriers in trying to implement sustainability into university activities. See here for more information on the contents of the survey.

Have you already had an impact? Would you like to respond? Please, ask for the link to the online survey!

Everyone is invited to participate

The survey includes different sets of questions targeted to different respondent groups. Therefore we wish for responses from several target groups from the same organization – all are of great value in gaining a representative picture on the sustainability of the Nordic HEIs.  The target groups are:

  • Deans, professors, teachers and researchers
  • Directors or managers  (Finance, Communications, Environment/Sustainability, Property/Facilities)
  • Planning officers (Finance, Communications, Environment/Sustainability, Property/Facilities)


The Danish are in lead in the response activity, whereas the Norwegians haven’t yet activated in responding the survey.                                                                                                                                                           How to activate sustainability staff?

Following up the survey

The response activity will be followed up regularly and actively in this blog. We will publish here information on the leading country and respondent group, as well as some findings from each Nordic country. Reminders will also be sent to the Nordic HEIs several times during the response period, 14.10-15.11.2014.

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