Nordic Rio+20 Survey on its way to representative results!

The activity in responding our survey on Nordic HEIs’ sustainability has increased rapidly, thank you for all who have contributed already! The fact that we have gained responses also from a few presidents of Nordic universities clearly shows, that the survey has impact on the universities, and the issues surveyed are considered important.

We still need some more of the famous Nordic co-operation to achieve reliable results! Please, check from the graphs below, if your country or responsibility group is lacking your input! The last graph also shows how satisfied we are in the sustainability work our universities are doing. Do you agree?

Ask for the online survey link The link has also been sent to NSCN mailing list, so you can ask your colleagues if they have received it.

Response activity in the Nordic countries: Status_report_countries_40

Finland has taken a clear lead! But how to activate the Norwegian and Icelanders..?

Respondent group activity after 2,5 weeks: Status_report_responsibilitites40

It seems the academic staff wants to be heard in this respect. Could we hear the voices of sustainability coordinators, too – you know the best what is happening and what is needed!

Detailed classification of the respondents: Responent_groups_39

Are you interested in what the rectors/presidents or the other managers think of sustainability? The amount of respondents is not enough at the moment to answer the question. Distribute the link after receving it from NSCN coordinator!

How satisified the respondents are with the sustainability work in teaching, research, campus operations, outreach and international relations? Satisfied_with_SD40

Are you satisified with the situation of sustainability in your organization?
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