Tertiary Education Sustainability Networks Make Progress Toward Creating a Global Alliance

COMMUNIQUE                                                                      23 of April, 2015

The world’s most prominent networks for sustainability in further and higher education convened 25 March 2015 at the UK-based Environmental Association of Universities and Colleges (EAUC) annual conference, this year organised at University of Leeds.

The tertiary education networks in attendance represent global and regional organizations from Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe and North America.  Representatives agreed that we are more effective when we collaborate, and, in building a more collective voice, we can put our member universities, colleges and students at the heart of the international challenge to address sustainability. This meeting in Leeds represents the next step toward developing a global alliance, after the success of the collaborative work for Rio+20.

The overarching aim of the alliance is to connect sustainability networks in the tertiary education sector and provide a collective voice to contribute to global developments such as the Paris COP21 taking place in December 2015.  Each network has a unique and valuable perspective to contribute. This global alliance will work in line with United Nation´s activities like UNEP’s Global Universities Partnership on Environment and Sustainability (GUPES).

As this is a collaborative effort, other tertiary education peer groups are invited to join the dialogue and contribute toward a shared vision, planned to be published in September 2015.  Please contact GLOBALALLIANCE-request@jiscmail.ac.uk if you represent a sustainability network and want to be added to the discussion.

EAUC Conference, Leeds UniversityNetworks and Representatives Participating in the Leeds Meeting, March 2015

AISHE Network, NETHERLANDS, EUROPE Niko Roorda, Coordinator, nroorda@planet.nl
Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE), NORTH AMERICA, www.aashe.org Meghan Fay Zahniser, Executive Director for AASHE, meghan@aashe.org
Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability (ACTS), AUSTRALASIA, www.acts.asn.au Leanne Denby, President for ACTS, Director of Sustainability at Macquarie University, leanne.denby@mq.edu.au
Copernicus Alliance and University Educators For Sustainable Development (UE4SD), EUROPE, www.ue4sd.eu Daniella Tilbury, daniella.tilbury@unigib.edu.gi

Clemens Mader, clemens.mader@inkubator.leuphana.de

Ecocampus Belgium, EUROPE, ecocampus.lne.be Peter Schildermans, peter.schildermans@lne.vlaanderen.be
Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC), UK, EUROPE, www.eauc.org.uk Iain Patton, Chief Executive of EAUC, ipatton@eauc.org.uk
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP),

Global Universities Partnership on Environment and Sustainability (GUPES), GLOBAL, www.unep.org/training/programmes/gupes.asp

Mahesh Pradhan, Head of UNEP’s Environmental Education and Training Unit, mahesh.pradhan@unep.org
Campus Responsables, FRANCE, EUROPE, www.campusresponsables.com Pauline Pingusson, pauline@grainesdechangement.com
International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN), GLOBAL, www.international-sustainable-campus-network.org Zena Harris, Manager, Operations and Communications, zena.harris@isc-network.org
EMSU and International Journal of Cleaner Production, GLOBAL, www.journals.elsevier.com/journal-of-cleaner-production/ Don Huising, dhuisingh@utk.edu

Rodrigo Lozano, r.lozano@uu.nl

Mainstreaming Environment and Sustainability in Africa – MESA, AFRICA, www.unep.org/training/mesa_conf/ Gitile Naituli, Chair of MESA, Commissioner at NCIC & Professor of Management at Multimedia University of Kenya, gnaituli@cohesion.or.ke
Nordic Sustainable Campus Network (NSCN), NORDICS, EUROPE, nordicsustainablecampusnetwork.wordpress.com Meri Löyttyniemi, Chair of NSCN, Sustainability manager, Aalto University, FI, meri.loyttyniemi@aalto.fi
Regional University Consortium Asia Pacific, ASIA, unep-iesd.tongji.edu.cn Li Fengting, Associate Dean, UNEP-Tongji Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development, Professor, Tongji University, fengting@tongji.edu.cn
rootAbility, EUROPE, www.rootability.com Felix Spira, Co-founder and Executive Director, felix.spira@rootability.com
Higher Education Sustainability Initiative (HESI), GLOBAL, sustainabledevelopment.un.org/sdinaction/hesi www.sustainabilitytest.org Jean-Christophe Carteron, Kedge Business School, France, jccarteron@kedgebs.com
Campus Sustainability Network (CAS-Net), JAPAN, ASIA, www.esho.kyoto-u.ac.jp Takayuki Nakamura, Executive Director of CAS-Net, nakamura@fukushima-nct.ac.jp
UK Youth Climate Coalition, EUROPE, www.ukycc.org Louisa Casson, Co-director, louisa@ukycc.org
National Union of Students, UK, EUROPE, www.nus.org.uk Jamie Agombar, Head of Sustainability, jamie.agombar@nus.org.uk
Studenten voor Morgen (Students for Tomorrow), NETHERLANDS, EUROPE, www.studentenvoormorgen.nl

Alianza de Redes Iberoamericanas de Universidades por la Sustentabilidad y el Ambiente, ARIUSA, SOUTH AMERICA

Mart Lubben, Chair, voorzitter@studentenvoormorgen.nl

Orlando Sáenz,

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