Outcome of Oslo Conference 12.-13.11.2015

The Rio+20 project had a successful final conference at the University of  Olso Nov 12.-13. 2015. In the same event a new Nordic project on an international sustainability literay test, SuLiTest, was launched.


The participants evaluating the conference were very satisfied with the presentations, arrangements and the athmosphere!

52 sustainability experts from the Nordic universities gathered together to hear the results of the Rio+20 project and to analyze the project survey results even further. In the conference workshops the participants had the chance to plan how the results could be implemented in their own countries, in the Nordic region, and also globally. The outcomes from the workshops can be found in Oslo Conference page, as well as the conference presentations.

IMG_1810 (2)

Conference participants discussing about Nordic collaboration.

The confrence participants had the honor to hear greetings trough video connection from Mahesh Pradhan, the head of Environmental Education and Training Unit in the United Nations Environmental Program UNEP. Educational aspects are relevant when implementing the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially in creating more sustainable cities and new partnerships, and universities are in the key role in promoting these goals. In the Nordic level the secretary general of NUAS, Lin Anett Haugsland, highlighted the role of Nordic Sustainable Campus Network in enhancing the overall sustainability of Nordic university administration through active participation in NUAS network. Furthermore, future openings regarding the sustainability agenda of Nordic universities was offered in the closing speech of the conference by senior advisor Morten Friis Møller from the Nordic Council of Ministers, the funder of Rio+20- and SuLiTest-projects.

The program included also very interesting case examples from university climate strategies, environmental management and sustainability education offered by sustainability experts, teachers and students from the Nordic universities. During the second day the new SuLiTest-project was presented, and Aurelien Decamps, the general secretary and research coordinator of the SuLiTest from the Kedge Business School, France, clarified how the test was originally constructed and how it is developed by the SuLiTest organization.


Project partners published officially the results of a wide Rio+20 project survey in the conference. The report is found in Rio+20 project pages.
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