UiO takes a green leap – step by step

By: Jorulf B. Silde

University of Oslo is launching its new Environmental and climate change strategy for UiO’s estate operations. This is an action-oriented strategy that sets targets and identifies measures within a short-term and long-term framework.

9 areas affecting green performance

Nine areas are identified as critical to the overall green performance of the estate operations:

  1. Greenhouse gas reductionOslo2017_1.jpg
  2. Reduced and renewable energy use
  3. Environmentally friendly transport
  4. Waste reduction and increased source separation
  5. Environmentally sound use of materials and resources
  6. Procurement as a driver of environmental and climate change work in the estate operations
  7. Efficient area management that is beneficial for the environment and creates a pleasant working environment
  8. Environmentally efficient buildings
  9. Environmentally efficient outdoor areas that create a positive environment

Space for an outstanding, green university

Oslo2017_2.jpgThe overall strategy for the university, Strategy 2020, emphasises that the University of Oslo shall have environmentally-friendly operations and property management.  A Masterplan for the UiO campuses was developed in 2015, named Space for an outstanding, green university – and for Oslo, the city of knowledge. The Environmental and climate change strategy is to be considered as an offspring from this masterplan.

The Estate Department has been assigned special responsibility for the environmental and climate change strategy. As part of the work on implementing this, we will place particular emphasis on further developing management and an organization and culture that promote the environment and climate and give green results, develop outstandingly green expertise and establish systems that assist and highlight environmental work.

How to become Outstandingly Green?

The vision for UiO’s estate operations is to be Outstandingly green. The targets set up for 2040 are as follows:

  • Carbon neutral estate operations in 2040.
  • Reduction of UiO’s energy use per square metre by 40 percent.
  • All transport related to UiO’s estate operations shall be emission-free.
  • 50 percent reduction in the amount of waste. Material recycling ratio of 80 percent.
  • Select non-toxic building products and materials with a documented low carbon footprint.
  • Use purchasing power to create environmental benefits and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • UiO’s areas shall be managed in the best interest of the environment, students and employees.
  • Build, upgrade and manage the buildings in an environmentally efficient manner.
  • UiO’s outdoor areas shall promote environmental and biological diversity and create well-being and joy in nature.

December 2018  is the deadline for the immediate measures. Until then the operationalisation of the strategy is focusing on implementing targets and measures in budgets, plans, projects, recruitments and communication.

Organisational measures

To enhance the organisations capability to perform according to the vision –   Outstandingly green estate operations – a set of organisational measures are launched

  • to further develop management, organisation and culture that promote the environment and climate and give green results
  • build an outstandingly green expertise within the organization
  • implement systems that assist and highlight environmental work

Involvement is key

Environmental manager Jorulf Brøvig Silde has been responsible for the process leading up to the  strategy. He says, “This strategy is developed according to the 2R-principle: realistic and realizable. When the vision is as ambitious as in this strategy, the 2R-principle functions as a strainer: only the targets that are realistic and the measures that are realizable comes through.” The process of developing the strategy has included experts, managers as well as worker’s and student’s representatives. “Involvement is key. This strategy sets the direction, each individual project manager, expert or consultant are the ones doing the work. Choices made in tens of projects and hundreds of daily choices determines thOslo2017_3.jpge success and the final performance. For the estate operations to become outstandingly green each and every of these decisions count”

Questions regarding the strategy may be directed to: greencampus@eiendom.uio.no

Jorulf Brøvig Silde with the new Environmental and climate change strategy for UiO’s estate operations (Photo: Katarina Gutu)


Environmental and climate change strategy for UiO’s estate operations 2018–2020–2040

Miljø- og klimastrategi for UiOs eiendomsvirksomhet (full web pages in Norwegian only)

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