UI GreenMetric visiting Nordics in autumn 2017

Aalborg University organised a GreenMetric seminar at their Copenhagen campus 3 Oct 2017. University of Indonesia established this ranking system 2010 and since then it has been committed in developing it further. Their leading figure, prof. Riri Fitri Sari and expert, Mr Junaidi gathered with Nordic universities representatives and shared interesting presentations. Vivid discussions followed in order to understand better these ranking systems and also to improve the GreenMetric system further. Also NSCN´s activities were presented.

Greenmetric is a ranking system thereby it´s relevant to recognize the strengths and weaknesses in this benchmarking system. It is definitely a challenge to develop a fair global university ranking with the high diversity among HEIs. Universities within the NSCN-network have chosen different approaches whether to join this ranking or not. Therefore each institution must consider their participation and commitment carefully.

Read UI´s full article and photos about Greenmetric by our colleagues from Indonesia here. Warm thanks also for Birte C. Hornemann & colleagues for organising the seminar in Denmark.

UI GreenMetric seminar Aalborg DK and NSCN Oct 2017

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