The International Sustainability Campus Network (ISCN) has awarded The University of Copenhagen, one of the founding institutions of the NSCN, with the Building and Innovative Infrastructure Award on account of Mærsk Tower’s excellence in sustainability performance.


The award was announced at the ISCN 2018 Conference held at KTH in Stockholm, where more than 240 participants from universities and higher-education organizations were brought together to celebrate achievements and share best practice in sustainable development. Sustainability has been a top priority in designing the Maersk Tower, and a large number of solutions targeting sustainability challenges have been integrated into the building’s design and construction.

Visit the ISCN website: https://www.international-sustainable-campus-network.org/

Read about sustainability in the Mærsk Tower: https://www.e-pages.dk/ku/1357/

Visit UCPH’s sustainability effort Green Campus website: https://greencampus.ku.dk/


The representatives of the award-winning universities. Tomas R. Poulsen (2.nd from left)represented The University of Copenhagen in the ISCN conference, and received the award for Maersk Tower. More about the awards in the ISCN webpages.



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