NSCN contribution strong in the ISCN 2018 conference in Stockholm

Text and photos: Meri Löyttyniemi

The ISCN 2018 conference 11-13 June in Stockholm, Sweden was hosted by KTH vice-president Göran Finnveden and his excellent team. NSCN member institutions brought multiple contributions to the programme. Here´s a few examples – in addition to KTH´s insightful presentations by numerous professors, researchers and sustainability experts like Kristina von Oelreich.

In the poster exhibition:

  • “Sustainability transition as an integrated process at the University of Helsinki” presented by Janna Pietikäinen, Kaisa Korhonen-Kurki, Virpi Kuitto, Katriina Soini from the University of Helsinki, Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science and Properties and Facilities at UHEL
  • “Organizational carbon footprint of a university” presented by Christian Solli, NTNU
  • “Combining energy use profiles and time dependent import-export corrected GWP-factors for deeper understanding of an organizations’ energy use’ contribution to the carbon footprint” presented by Christian Solli, John Clauss and Magnus Korpås from NTNU
  • “Nordic City Challenge – Creating Nordic Networks for Sustrainability” presented by Meeri Karvinen, Aalto University. Other authors: Salla Jokela, University of Helsinki, Katri-Liisa Pulkkinen, Aalto University, and Jonna Similä and Janne Wikström, Culture Center for Finland and Sweden Hanaholmen.

ISCN 2018 participants.

In the ConverStations:

  • “Environmental Management on a distance – experiences from a web-based action-learning project with universities from Europe and Latin America” presented by Ullika Lundgren from GU
  • “What do our students know about sustainable development and how to assess it?” presented by Meeri Karvinen from Aalto University
  • “Integrating sustainable development in engineering education – Comparison of change processes and results at two higher education institutions” presented by Ulrika Lundqvist and Emma Strömberg from Chalmers University of Technology

In the Breakout sessions:

  • “Aalto Green Campus and new headquarters retrofitted in Dipoli-building” presented by Meri Löyttyniemi, Aalto University
  • ISCN-award winning case “Sustainability in the Maersk Tower” presented by Tomas Refslund Poulsen, UCPH

Also at the ISCN 2018 networking lunch NSCN presented its activities and promoted Nordic universities sustainability expertise. Next ISCN conference in June 2019 will be hosted by University of São Paulo in Brasil.

Meri Löyttyniemi, Sigurlaug Lövdahl and Christian Solli from NSCN core group presenting NSCN activities in ISCN 2018.
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