NSCN core group seminar in NTNU Trondheim 30.1.-1.2.2019

Blog by Meri Löyttyniemi, chair of NSCN

2,5 days went fast when NSCN core group visited NTNU in Trondheim. NTNU main campus  Gløshaugen is situated in a spectacular location up on the hills of Trondheim. Truly Norwegian atmosphere, with majestic views! Also the history and architecture of the city and the university itself was impressive. NTNU is in the process of merging activities and campuses of several institutions. Also the Gløshaugen energy system in its closed-loop manner is interesting as it is continuously decreasing its ecological footprint.

The days were filled with plenty of learning opportunities by sharing practices. Our programme included sustainability strategies of participants´ universities, campus development and sustainability of NTNU Gløshaugen, follow-up of Sustainability Literacy Test by NTNU prof. John Hermansen, air travel policies & climate compensations and planning our joint upcoming activities of NSCN. Not to forget the opportunity of enjoying good company of colleagues, excellent vegan food and site visits at NTNU´s campus.

Among my biggest take-aways were re-affirming the urgency of climate actions, importance of ambitious campus visions with strong mandate for implementation especially with energy solutions, and wonderful inspiration from colleagues and their institutions. Continuum for SuLiTest is definitely also what I am looking into. We also planned the upcoming session at NUAS Forum 2019 in August, and 2 great sessions will follow, with a special focus to air travel.

The visit would not have been possible without the generous hospitality of our excellent host, Christian Solli and his colleagues at NTNU. Warm thanks – takk!

Programme & minutes of our Trondheim seminar is available here. At the same site, one can find all the essential materials and minutes of NSCN core group. If you want to learn more about NSCN activities, do not hesitate to contact any of the core group members.  

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