About NSCN

NSCN – Nordic Sustainable Campus Network                        


The network is targeted to sustainability/environmental staff working in the Nordic higher education institutions – both in administration and teaching. NSCN was created in 2012 to strengthen the sustainability efforts already in action in the Nordic higher education institutions. The establishment of NSCN was financially supported by    The Nordic Council of Ministers.

In this page you find information on our organization, objectives and history.

Organization – NSCN as a part of NUAS network

During the Autumn 2014 NSCN became a part of NUAS (the Nordic Association of University Administration) as a new working group called NUAS Sustainability. The merger of NSCN and NUAS offers good opportunities for collaborating with the other sectors of university adnministration – including  facilities, communications, IT and libraries, among many others. In practise, the targets and objectives of NSCN will remain as they are, as well as the already established and well-functioning platforms for communication (website and mailing-list).

The organization of NSCN was adapted to the structure of the other NUAS working groups during spring 2015: The core group consists of 9 members, 2 from No, Den, Swe and Fin, and 1 from Iceland. In addition to the 9 members, NUAS Sustainability/NSCN has a coordinator responsible for the administration and communications of the network, and the joint Nordic projects implemented with external funding (Rio+20 project, Nordic Case Competition, future projects).

For more information:

The core group has meetings trough video connection every 2-3 months, an an annual core group live-meeting. The minutes of the meetings are public and can be found in Events -> Core group meetings (since Spring 2015).

Contact information of the core group.


The role of universities in the society and their future attractiveness strongly encourages us to take sustainability into the next level. The activities of the network aim at:

  • strengthening sustainability in teaching and research
  • supporting green campus activities by integrating sustainability into all operations

All members are able to participte in sharing of experiences and practices through writing a blogpost to NSCN News-page, joining and discussing in NUAS Sustainability LinkedIn group, and reaching their colleagues trough the NSCN mailing-list. Additionally, the network organizes annually events relating to the ongoing projects, which are open for all. All the events are published in NSCN Website and communicated also through the mailing-list. New members are welcome to join the network and contribute!


  • improving sustainability in Nordic higher education institutes
  • committing top management and involving all university stakeholders
  • supporting sustainability activities within Nordic universities by managing and distributing knowledge on the platforms for communication
  • strengthening Nordic visibility in global networks like ISCN
  • sharing experiences and best practices

Background and signatory members


The initiative that led to the establishment of NSCN was a joint Nordic Climate Festival@Aalto, organised in November 2011 in Aalto University, Espoo, Finland. The outcome document: Shortcuts to Sustainable Nordic Communities.

After the Climate Festival, the signatory members representing all Nordic countries, committed to creating a Nordic Sustainable Campus Network. In 2012-2013 the signatory members formed also the NSCN core group. KTH Royal Institute of Technology was welcomed into the core group since September 2013, and Lappeenranta University of Technology from the beginning of 2014. The signatory members of NSCN from the very beginning:

The brochure 2016-2018 of NSCN:
The brochure 2014-2015 of NSCN:
NSCN brochure
The brochure 2013 of NSCN.

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