Contact City Challenge

The Nordic City Challenge is managed by a project team comprising the Hanasaari Swedish-Finnish Cultural Center, HanaAcademy, Aalto University, the Nordic Sustainable Campus Network and the Urban Academy network. In addition, each year the local city and universities play a crucial role in organizing the course.

Contact information:

  • Jonna Similä, program coordinator, HanaAcademyHanasaari – the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Center,, +358 40 649 5454.
  • Janne Wikström, program coordinator, HanaAcademy, Hanasaari – the Swedish-Finnish Cultural, +358 40 6207626.
  • Meeri Karvinen, coordinator, Nordic Sustainable Campus Network (NSCN),, +358 50 407 1884.
  • Katri-Liisa Pulkkinen, researcher,  YTK – Land Use Planning and Urban Studies Group, Aalto University School of Engineering,
  • Salla Jokela, post-doc researcher, Urban Academy network,, +358 40 861 4224.