Network coordinator:

Ms. Meeri Karvinen
tel. +358 50 407 1884

Core group

  1. Ms. Meri Löyttyniemi, (chair)
    Senior advisor, Sustainable development, Aalto University,  Finland
  2. Ms. Saana Raatikainen,                          Environmental coordinator, University of Tampere, Finland                                  
  3. Mr. Tomas R Poulsen,                                                                          Team leader, Green campus, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  4. Mr.Thomas Skou Grindsted,                                                 Researcher,  Roskilde University, Denmark
  5. Ms. Ullika Lundgren,                                                      Environmental controller, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
  6. Ms. Kristina von Oelreich,                                                                Environmental coordinator, KTH Royal Inst. of Technology, Sweden
  7. Ms. Sigurlaug I. Lövdahl,                                                                                Office Manager, University of Iceland, Iceland
  8. Mr. Christian Solli,                                                                  Environmental advisor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
  9. Ms. Lena Marie Kjøbli,                                                             Senior Advisor, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway

NSCN core group is also a NUAS working group, NUAS sustainability.

See here for the core group meetings.


Members of the core group and Nordic colleagues in the International Sustainable Campus Network ISCN Conference, Stockholm June 2018 (from left): Sigurlaug I. Lövdahl (HI, IS), Christian Solli (NTNU, NO), Göran Finnveden (KTH Vice rector for sustainability, SE), Ullika Lundgren (GU/SE), Meeri Karvinen (coordinator of NSCN, Aalto/FI), Meri Löyttyniemi (chair of the NSCN, Aalto/FI), Tomas R.Poulsen (UCPH/DK) and  Kristina von Oelreich (KTH/SE). Core group members missing from the picture: Saana Raatikainen (UTA/FI), Thomas S. Grindsted (RUC/DK), Lena Marie Kjøbli (NMBU/NO).

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