NSCN organizes regularly gatherings in the field of sustainable campus and ESD (Education in Sustainable Development), and participates in various other sustainable development -related events in all Nordic countries. NSCN is visible also internationally, especially through ISCN annual conferences. The core group of NSCN gathers in videomeetings approximately every two or three months, and meets additionally annually in core group seminars. As NSCN is also a part of NUAS network as a working group called NUAS Sustainability, there is always a representative from the core group in biannual NUAS Board and Leaders meetings.

  1. NSCN Events: all the activities NSCN has organized or been a part of
  2. Core group videomeetings and seminars
  3. NUAS events

IMG_9582_2NUAS conference dinner 10.9.2013 in Oslo. The conference was co-organised by NSCN. Picture by Meeri Karvinen.


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