NSCN Core group meetings

The core group of NSCN meets regularly through video connection, and once a year face-to-face in a core group seminar. All NSCN members are encouraged to contact the  core group with suggestions to the agendas of these meetings.

The core group seminars are organized annually, where ongoing project(s), core group memberships, NSCN annual activities and organization are discussed and decided. Additionally, NUAS activities, best practices and experiences are shared and current issues discussed.

The meetings of the core group 2020:

Meetings 2019:

Meetings 2018:

Meetings 2017:

Meetings 2016:

Meetings 2015:

Meetings 2014:

  • 28.1.2014, VC
  • 27.-28.2.2014, Core group seminar in Iceland
  • 3.4.2014, VC
  • 12.6.2014, VC
  • 21.8.2014, VC
  • 14.10.2014, VC
  • 26.11.2014, VC

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