Useful links

Here You can find information on other Nordic networks related to sustainability, and some links You may find useful. If You have suggestions on networks or actors that are not on the list, please feel free to contact NSCN coordinator!

Nordic actors

National actors

  • SWEDESD  – Swedish International Centre of Education for Sustainable Development
  • Sustainergies – a student initiative: students + companies = sustainable solutions
  • Keke Foorumi – a Finnish sd-forum
  • UniPid, Finnish university partnership for developmental studies
  • Espoo RCE – a Regional Centre of Expertise, for ESD
  • Yliopistohallinnon ympäristöverkosto – a Finnish network for universities’ environmental administrations
  • RCE Denmark – a Regional Centre of Expertise, for ESD

Baltic and European actors

  • EAUC – The Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges, UK
  • BUP  – Baltic University Programme
  • BSRESDN – Baltic Sea Region ESD Network
  • UGAF – Unica Green Academic Footprint (Unica: Universities in the capitals of Europe)
  • PRME – the UN Principles for Responsible Management Educ. (also a Nordic Network)
  • Copernicus alliance – European Network on Higher Education for Sust. Development.
  • RootAbility – a social business that drives the sustainability transition of the European higher education sector

International actors

  • ISCN – International Sustainable Campus Network
  • IAU – International Association of Universities
  • UN – United Nations’ Sustainability -pages
  • SuLiTest, The International Sustainability Literacy Test
  • UNU – United Nations University
  • RCE Networks – Regional Centres of Expertise for ESD, coordinated by UNU
  • PRME –  the UN Principles for Responsible Management Education, also a Nordic Network

Other useful documents and links related to sustainable development

Articles related to sustainability in higher education in the Nordic countries / by Nordic authors

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