Nordic best practices

This is a collection of best practices and case examples concerning sustainability in Nordic higher education institutions: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and their autonomous areas (the Åland Islands, Faroe Islands and Greenland). The collection contains both pdf-presentations from Nordic universities, as well as blogposts published in NSCN Blog.

NSCN welcomes all members to contribute to this collection! So, if you wish to share practices or cases from your university, please contact NSCN coordinator Meeri Karvinen ((at)!


NSCN blogposts

These contributions, with many different aspects of sustainability in higher education, have all been published in our News-page after 2013. The posts are classified according to what we found essential in Nordic universities during the Rio+20 Project: 1) Awareness-raising, communication and behavior change; 2) Students; 3) Sustainability education; and 4) Greening the campus: from strategy to actions; and  5) Joint efforts for sustainability: collaboration. (for more information, please familiarize yourself with the comprehensive survey report on sustainability in the Nordic universities.)

However, we start with a collection of Nordic-level best practices and views:

Best practices and cases from all the Nordic universities:

1. Awareness-raising, communication and behavior change!

2. Students!

3. Sustainability education: integration, events, research!

4. Greening the campus: from strategy to action!

5. Joint efforts for sustainability: collaboration!