Oslo Conference Nov 12.-13. 2015

The community of sustainability experts in the Nordic universities gathered together in NSCN / NUAS Sustainability conference in Oslo 12.-13. November 2015 to discuss:

“Sustainability at Nordic universities – How are we doing and what should we do next?”

Conference webpages (program, venues) provided by the University of Oslo HERE!

Outcome of Oslo workshops 2015

Conference presentations:

Day 1: Thu Nov 12th 2015:

Day 2: Fri Nov 13th 2015:

The main targets of the conference were:

  1. To explore how Nordic universities are doing
    • The results of our Rio+20 project were published, and ways developed  to implement the results in the Nordic universities
  2. To discuss on the next steps
    • We launched a new project on Sustainability Literacy Test SuLiTest in the Nordic HEIs, and discussed how we could integrate sustainability aspects more efficiently into curricula
  3. To share practices on our sustainability activities:
    • Several case examples were presented by different Nordic HEIs on how we are implementing the higher education Rio+20 Initiative targets in practice:
      1. Teach sustainable development
      2. Encourage research on sustainable development
      3. Green campuses and encourage local sustainability efforts
      4. Engage and share information with international networks
    • Open call for case examples was open 1.9.-25.9.2015


Oslo_conference_picture_Francesco_Saggio_UiOFoto: Francesco Saggio



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