Nordic Case Competition 2015

During fall 2015, 25 Nordic students were invited to participate in the first ever Nordic Case Competition in Sustainable Urban Development.  The competition was organized as an intensive 3-day course in October 26-28, in Espoo, Finland, at the Hanasaari Swedish-Finnish cultural center.

About the course

  • Course details 2015: Model of work, learning objectives, course requirements
  • Program 2015
  • Course materials 2015: Materials relating to pre-assignment and case work
  • Organizers 2015: Why do we arrange the course & contact information

As the outcome of the course five innovative, high-quality solutions were created on how to improve the recreational waterfront walkway located in Otaniemi campus area using socio-ecological perspective. Two teams were rewarded by the jury:

1st prize: W(e)ave Walk” by Team 5:

  • Inka Norros, landscape architecture, Aalto University, Finland
  • Eira Jacobsson, architecture, KTH, Sweden
  • Joel Jalkanen, environmental sciences / urban ecology, University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Ann-Catrin Wells, social sciences / cultural geography, Uppsala University, Sweden
  • Ingvild Kaurstad Mørk, human geography, University of Oslo, Norway

2nd prize:Unbreak the heart” by Team 2:

  • Hanna-Maaria Kiema, architecture, Aalto University, Finland
  • Rawaf al Rawaf, architecture / social-ecological view, Stockholm Res. Center, Sweden
  • Katri Backman, geography, University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Karl Nygren, social sciences / cultural geography, Uppsala University, Sweden
  • Ann-Elise Gustavsen, urban planning / construction management, DTU, Denmark

The other innovative solutions:

  • Team 1: “OLA – Otaniemi Loves Anarchism” by:Saara Oilinki (Landscape architecture, Aalto Univ./FI), Alexandra Rosengren (Architecture, KTH/SE), Richard Hylerstedt (Creative Sustainability, Design, Aalto/FI), Veera Helle (Planning geography, Univ. of Helsinki/FI), Halla Einardsdottir (Environmental engineering, Univ. of Iceland)
  • Team 3: “OTAWEB” by:Johanna Marttila (Architecture, Aalto/FI), Tom Uyttendaele (Urban architecture, Chalmers/SE), Mirka Kolehmainen (Creative Sustainability, Design, Aalto/FI), Sonja Rantala (Environmental sciences, Univ. of Helsinki/FI), Oliver Viig (Urban planning, construction management, DTU/DK)
  • Team 4: “Urban playground” by:Kalle Samuelsson (Architecture, social-ecological view, Stockholm Resilience Center/SE), Denitsa Dineva (Architecture, design, Chalmers/SE), Petra Leino (Creative Sustainability, Design, Aalto/FI), Sara Huhtamies (Sociology, Univ. of Helsinki/FI), Belin Fatahi (Human geography, Univ. of Oslo/NO)


Case competition – overview

During the course the students  created a plan to develop urban pathways, recreational routes and accessibility at the Otaniemi Campus of the Aalto University in Espoo:

The case was strongly anchored into existing concerns about the development of the campus. The residents of the area participated in the planning of the area, and the students were able to use the results of a resident survey. Both, the city of Espoo and the university were eager to hear the results of the case work and took the suggestions into account when working on the campus development plans.


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