Rio+20 Project 2014-2015

Welcome to the Project page of “Rio+20 implementation in Nordic Higher Education Institutions”!

The project survey report on the recent situation of sustainability in the Nordic universities is now published and the results presented in the project’s final seminar in Olso, Norway 12.11.2015!

The report is available online: Implementing Rio+20 in The Nordic HEIs – A Survey Report

Under this page You may familiarize yourself to the other activities of the project, as well as to the organization, targets and background of the project.

The project is running 2014-2015, and is financed by Norden_logothe Nordic Council of Ministers.

Project activities

The project includes 4 main milestones to reach the goals:

  1. Workshop 1 in Copenhagen, Denmark 23.10.2014 on steering mechanisms affecting the implementation of sustainable development in universities. Check here the for the outcome!
  2. Workshop 2 in Gothenburg, Sweden in May 20-21 2015 on measuring and joint, Nordic indicators for sustainable development in higher education institutions
  3. The Nordic Case Competition on Sustainable Urban Development
  4. The survey (see below) to map the recent sustainability performance, steering mechanisms, drivers and obstacles of the Nordic HEIs

The survey

To reach the targets of the project, a Webropol survey was released concerning the sustainability performance, steering mechanisms and drivers & barriers of the Nordic HEIs. The survey concentrated on clarifying the role of different steering mechanisms and drivers in implementing sustainable development, and analyzing the most enabling and hindering factors in the sustainability work of the Nordic HEIs. It was targeted at all staff members of the Nordic HEIs, including the staff in University property companies.

The benefit from the results

All participated institutions will be able to compare their performance to Nordic mean values. The Nordic mean values were analyzed in three categories according to the respondent groups in the survey: teaching and research staff, administration and management staff, and sustainability staff. The outcome report from the analysis will be delivered to all Nordic HEIs, after which the universities are able to locate their position in the map of “Sustainable Nordic universities”.

The comparison of the Nordic HEIs’ sustainability performance worked additionally as a starting point in the development of joint Nordic sustainability indicators, which were investigated in the Rio+20 project’s second workshop in Gothenburg 2015.

Read more on the first page of the survey!


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